U8 – Coach Mohammad : “We have done a good just we have been unlucky almost of our players did a great job hopfully we still in the same way on forward to the top.”
U10 – Coach Adrien : “Very nice first half ! The second one was more difficult due to the opponent pressing. Still clean sheet for our keeper and 15 goals on this league. Keep going guys !”
U12 – Coach Fred : “Bad day, we need to be more aggressive (in good way), more concentrate, and need to know better each other (training). Some positive moments when we started to play football. Working hard”
U14 – Coach Adrien : “Our first game on this league together. We need to train more together to get a team spirit. I am very angry about the end of the game. Do something the next week, I trust you.”
U16 – Coach Mohammad : “It was a good game for us we ve been near to get it but unlucky for that opportunity at the last minute vs a professional team Shabab Alahly
We need more hard work.”