U7 – Coach David : “We must make sure to always remain in our position. If you are in defense position, your goal is to make sure that the opposition can not get the ball close to our goalkeepers box. It is easy for them to try and score if you are out of your position. Other than this issue are attacking was very strong which allowed us to win the match.”
U8 – Coach Mohammad : “Perfect second half we did our start was not ok our players recovering on the 2nd half so we changing the score for us. More 3 points in the bag push us to the top congrats for all the group.” 
U9 – Coach David : “This match all players used good passing and was disciplined in each of our positions. Very good pace upfront.”
U10 – Coach Adrien : “The change of tactics has failed us. I expect more fighting next week.”
U11 – Coach Adrien“Playing against a very tough opposition we showed that we have the talent to beat any team. But we must make sure to keep our focus for the entire match. Even if we are 3-0 are goal then becomes to not concede any goals (keep a clean sheet) mid week practice should consist of 1V1 with goal keeper as we missed a few too many opportunities to score more goals. Other than this, great performance against this team.”
U14 – Coach Adrien : “Perfect 3 points for our U14. Give us an interesting confidense to looking for more victory and hard word on the next steps.”
U16 – Coach Mohammad : “What amazing first half ! Our fitness level has failed us during second half. I encourage you to train more !”