Day 2

U8 UMTITI :  LCF vs Elite 14 – 4 (Noam*8, Rayan*4, Jad, Ali)

React of the coach : “Better game than 2 weeks ago. Better occupation of the space but still a lot of work to do. More combination and passing also. Congrats guys !”

U10 GRIEZMANN : LCF vs Juventus de Turin 4 – 3 (Rishi, Shotaro, Germain, Kai)

React of the Coach : “13 players and 2 teams. Good performance at the beginning but no passes during the first part of the match. Then we play together with a lot of passes and a good understanding of postions on the pitch. So I’m very happy and proud of them !”

U12 POGBA : LCF vs Elite 5 – 2 (Jean *2, Ghadi, Kenzi, Virgile)

React of the coach : “Great game with a lot of goals. We play with a good team spirit but now we have to play faster !”

U12 MBAPPE : LCF vs Go Pro 2 -0 (Jean , Téo)

React of the coach : “Amazing performance ! Impressive ! Really proud of the kids. We keep the ball well even under pressure of the opponent !Well done.”